Allure Laser MediSpa with Rachel has really helped clear up my skin. It has removed all the dark spots from my face, as well as ingrown hairs. My problem was that when I shaved I would be left with dark spots and razor bumps which left marks on my face. But since I had the laser treatment I don't have to worry about shaving or having bumps and scars on my face. This has helped boost my confidence. Laser hair removal overall was the best solution to my acne and shaving problem.
Derrell Williams

I'd always been interested in a "brazilian bikini". I was really nervous about what that would entail with laser treatment. Rachel treated me with respect and answered all my questions. She made me feel very comfortable about something that could have been embarrassing. Allure has a cozy and appealing environment. Rachel is very professional, but also extremely kind and calming. I couldn't be more pleased with the service!
Sara C.

I have been very pleased with Allure Laser MediSpa and with Rachel. I have seen a noticeable difference in the hair growth after only the first treatment. The prices are very good, I am a college student and they are very affordable. Rachel makes you feel comfortable in her office and also is very knowledgeable about the treatments. Rachel cares about her patients and it shows during treatment, She lets you know about the possible pain that can occur and helps by putting aloe on the area after treatment. I look forward to going back because I know that I will leave with a noticeable difference. For a long time, I would not wear a bikini because of the hair on my stomach. After the first treatment, I have been much more comfortable while it has also raised my self confidence about my stomach. I would recomend Allure Laser and Rachel to anyone I know who would like to get laser treatment done. I have been very satisfied with the results!!
Nicole C.

I went to Allure for laser hair removal in the underarm area. I was told that it would not be painful and that it would just feel like little rubber bands being sprung on my skin. Still, this made me incredibly nervous, as I have a very low tolerance to pain. When I arrived at Allure and met Rachel, my mind was put at ease. She was nice and quite compassionate to my anxiety. She told me everything before she did it, so I would know exactly what to expect. She had many remedies available after (cold wash cloths, Aloe, etc.) in case I needed them to ease any discomfort. Surprisingly, it was fairly painless. After a cool wash cloth, I was good to go.

As she said, the hair started to fall out at around day five and continued until about day 13 or 14. She really knows her stuff! I'm amazed at the results that I have gotten so far. I would say about 50% of the hair is completely gone from just that one treatment and has not grown back. My skin in my underarm area is much softer, as is the remaining hair that is growing. Being an Italian woman with a constant 5 O'clock shadow, even with a fresh shave, I was very self-conscious about raising my arms. As a dance teacher, I have to expose and show my underarms quite often. The laser treatment at Allure has helped made me feel more confident when doing so. Rachel's professionalism and sincerity are second to none. She is flexible and tries to accommodate any schedule, her facility is clean, and her service is impeccable. If you are looking for laser treatment, look no further! Your only regret will be that you didn't do it sooner.
Falyn B.

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience at Allure. Before becoming a client of Rachel's I was using a different place for laser treatment which doesn't even compare. Rachel is very sweet and able to work with you and your schedule in order to make your appointment. The environment in which the treatment is done is very peaceful and relaxing which makes the experience much more calming. I recommend using her for any of hair removal needs!!
Stephanie M.

Rachel is very personable and flexible. My schedule is always in flux, but I know if I needed to make a change she would accommodate. When I started researching laser treatment, Allure had the best and most informative website. I called a few different places to make an appointment. Rachel called me back the day I left the message, which I believe was a Sunday, whereas another business took two weeks to return my call and the other never did. Her prices are competitive and the office is plush and comfortable.
Tammy B.

I went to Allure to try and get rid of my scars from childhood acne. Also, my frown lines. I never have felt better. Having the rejuvenation on my face has been the best thing I have ever done and my insecurities of the scars have turned into feeling so great about my skin. Thank you Rachel Depart for making me a whole new woman at the age of almost 45.