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Finding new skin care products can be a hassle. At Allure, we've done the research for you! We're proud to be the exclusive distributer of HydroPeptide Skin Care Products in North Florida. HydroPeptide takes the most advanced, scientifically-proven skin care elements and uses them to simplify your beauty routine. We offer cleansers, toners, serums and "Power Life" formulas to keep your skin glowing day and night! Please ask your laser specialist for a consultation on the best products for your skin care needs.


You can try HydroPeptide by purchasing a sample kit for $20. Enter for your chance to win a FREE kit by posting and interacting on our Facebook page. We announce a new winner each month!

Item Description Total
SPF Day moisturizer with 30 SPF sun block $40
Power Lift Super moisturizer packed with the most antioxidants and hydropeptides of all products $80
Polish and Plump Collagen boosting exfoliating treatment 1-2 x a week $68
Eye Cream Anti-wrinkle and dark circle remover $60
Cleanser Exfoliating and invigorating $38
Tone Invigorating, exfoliating acne fighter $38
Mask Ezfoliating collagen producing $46
Moisturize Anti-aging body collagen producing and wrinkle reduction $70
Face Daily moisturizer, use night or day- antioxidants and hydropeptides anti-aging fighter $94
Serum Amazing anti-aging hydropeptides and antioxidants $130
Lip Plump and full $40
Lash Longer fuller in 3 weeks $98
Trial Pack Cleanser, toner, power lift, serum, face and eye samples $20