Eyelash Extensions

Full set

90 minutes




60 minutes


(every 2 - 3 weeks)


45 minutes


(every 1 - 2 weeks)


30 minutes



Lash Lift




Lash Tint




Lash Lift and Tint




Lash Wash




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Eyelash Extension Aftercare

First 24 hours

During the first 24 hours the extensions are vulnerable to sweat, moisture, steam, oil-based cosmetic ingredients, friction from rubbing and cleansing products. The bonding requires at least 24 hours after application to thoroughly dry and create a strong hold.

Do not:

-Get lash wet

-Participate in activities that may cause you to sweat-Avoid using make up around the eye area or touching the lashes.

-Sleep facing down on your lashes

-Receive facial treatments such as eyebrow waxing or chemical peels

After 24 hours

Maintenance after 24 hours requires the use of soap to clean your lashes. Pat foam directly onto your lashes, splash off with cool water and gently brush the lashes. Rinse lashes with cool water after swimming and exercising. Use lash wand to brush your lashes in the morning and before bed. Use only OIL-FREE products on your face and around the eyes.

Do not:

-Use water proof cosmetics around the eyes

-Mechanical lash curlers

-Excessive rubbing around the eyes

Eyelash Cleanser

-2 tbsp baby shampoo (tears free)

-1 tsp baking soda

-12 tbsp water

Mix the ingredients together in a bottle and store.

How to use: using your finger tips, gently pat the cleanser, right down to your eyelid. Splash eyelashes with water and pat dry. Comb lashes after the wash.

Note: It is important to wash your eyelash extensions. If you experience any itching at the eyelid, it is likely due to bacteria build up at the eyelid base. Simply taking the time to wash the eyelashes and eyelids daily if you wear make up, and every other day if you don't will keep the bacteria away and will ensure comfortable, long lasting and health eyelash extensions between fills.