How Does Laser Wrinkle Reduction Work?

Laser wrinkle reduction uses the innovation of laser therapy to reduce the effect of deep lines. In just a few visits the results are clearly noticeable and patients are rediscovering years of youth left in their skin. The laser acts by stimulating the production of new collagen. If you are considering laser wrinkle reduction, remember that the sooner you start the better the results. Younger patients will see a more dramatic improvement.

Allure’s Laser treatments for wrinkles pose little risk to the skin. It's completely painless and harms the skin much less than other laser procedures like scar removal. It simply warms the skin and creates new collagen growth which will then fill in the wrinkles to reduce their depth and appearance.

What happens after Laser Wrinkle Reduction?

There is virtually no down time at all to this procedure and you will experience no loss in regular activity, even the use of makeup or lotion. Results begin to display about a month or two after the treatments begin.

The cost of laser wrinkle reduction and rejuvenation is generally based on things like the type of wrinkles and how many return visits will be needed. Generally 4 to 6 treatments 3 to 4 wks apart are recommended for 4 months then a treatment every 4 to 6 months for maintenance. It's important to keep in mind that not all forms of wrinkles are treatable with the laser. A consultation at Allure Laser Treatment will help you to figure out if you may be a prime candidate for the laser rejuvenation.

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Before and After Wrinkle Reduction

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