Benefits of Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is not just for ladies anymore. Benefits include:

  • Works on all skin color types
  • For some men it is a simple matter of sex appeal
  • An efficient and time-saving solution to eliminate shaving
  • Reduces pain and skin irritation associated with shaving
  • Laser hair removal is permanent
  • Removes 70-90% of all hair
  • Laser Hair Removal on the face or neckline can eliminate razor burns and in-grown hair
  • Remove unsightly hair from back and chest
  • Laser hair removal from the neckline can actually cut down the number of haircuts

What happens during Laser Hair Removal?

Treatments are 30-90 minutes long depending on what size area you are having treated. You should shave 2 days ahead. We will cleanse the area to be treated. The laser will emit a blast of cold air to help keep the skin cool while the laser heats the hair follicle. This occurs in pulses. After the area has been completed, aloe gel will be applied. This has a cooling effect and slight numbing properties.

What happens after Laser Hair Removal?

Your skin will be red and bumpy for an average of 1-3 hours after the laser hair removal treatment. After your treatment, some hairs will expel immediately. Others will take 1-2 weeks to fall out. After shedding, you should experience little or no growth for several weeks. New hairs begin to grow as the next group of hairs move into the active growth cycle. Re-growth will possibly be lighter, finer and/or scattered.