Laser vs. Razor? What Is The Cost Breakdown?

In this day and age when time means money the cost of laser vs. razor is not easy to compute. The reason for this is that not everyone uses the same product, has the same routine or has the same hair amount and type. One thing that is universal is that not having to shave will save you time. For me it took 5 minutes off my morning routine! Less time spent on something means more time spent earning money or doing things you love to do. Who couldn't use some extra time in their life!

Another issue for some people is that they have an unwanted reaction when they shave such as: razor burn, ingrown hair, or folliculitis (hair follicle infection). For these people, the fact that laser treatments will reduce the number of hair, make it less coarse, and they will not have to suffer the negative reactions/ outcomes of shaving makes it well worth the price.


Self-confidence and ability to wear certain clothes anytime you want are some other reasons why people love laser hair removal. Many people have self confidence issues related to hair growth. For some it is that they have too much for their liking on a certain area.

For others to be comfortable with their appearance they feel like the 5 o'clock shadow comes at 1 o'clock! Imagine being able to wear a skirt or sleeveless top without having to think about time of shaving. With laser hair removal you could attend after work functions without having to shave twice in a day!

Cost of shaving: most women change their razors at least once a month (more often if they have problem hair) with an average cost of $2-4 for disposable or replacement blades, for shaving cream $2-10 a month. Men's cost differs because they typically have thick and coarse hair in the areas that they shave. Men change their blades about once every two weeks and typically use more costly shaving cream or after-shave.

Your total cost of razors and shaving cream per year is $84-$250!

Average shaving time Women

Location X/wk Time/min Time/wk Time/yr
Full legs 3 x 7 21 18.5 hrs
Brazilian 3 x 7 21 18.5 hrs
Lip 2 x 2 4 3.4 hrs
Chin 2 x 2 4 3.4 hrs
Underarms 3 x 2 6 5.2 hrs

Average Shaving time Men

Location X/wk Time/min Time/wk Time/yr
Face 4 x 7 28 24 hrs
Chest 2 x 15 30 6 hrs
Back 2 x 15 30 6 hrs

Total weekly time: Up to 41 min/week or 18-34 hours /year!

Average time spent getting lasered is 15-30min every 5 wks (6-18 hours for the year). Most laser therapies take almost 1 year to complete but it depends on the area. During the process people have less hair and do not have to shave between treatments.

Some laser spas are priced at 115 per 15 minutes session. So Brazilians take about 30 min or $230 per session or legs takes 90 min or $690 per session.

However, Allure gives you a flat fee per area. This is how Allure Laser Treatment fees are structured. Brazilians are $150 per treatment. Full legs are $500/treatment. The prices decrease after the fourth treatment as the hair decreases!

Current Pricing

One great thing about laser hair removal is that after you go through the 6-10 treatments you can throw your razor away! Touch ups are needed after 12 months but if you keep up with it you will save time and money in the long run.

Laser hair removal works best on light skinned dark haired individuals. They will get 95% hair removal. The lighter your hair or darker you skin you may only get 80-85% hair removal. The hair that is left is usually very thin and fine.

Red, blonde or gray haired? We have a product that when used with current laser technology may increase the amount of hair you can remove, call or email for more details.

While the cost of laser vs. razor may vary, you'll have more time to do things you love!

Allure's pricing Cost of laser for 6 treatments versus 5 years of shaving. See how much time you will be saving!!!

Estimated Time Spent Shaving for 5 Years

Location Hours Days
Brazilian 92.5 3.8
Full Legs 92.5 3.8
Underarms 26 1.2
Face 120 5
Chest 30 1.25
Back 30 1.25